Specialized Daycare Program

Does your dog need more exercise? Maybe some socialization in their lives? A tired dog is ALWAYS a happy and better-trained dog!

Most doggy daycares have an overwhelming number of dogs and too small of a space which causes anxiety and stress.Which also limits the amount of one on one time a dog gets.

We are a home based daycare that has a strict daily routine that gives dogs lots of exercise, mental stimulation and relaxation time.

We work on household manners, like not jumping, no counter surfing, no rough housing indoors, sits and coming when called. During playtime we are full on play! The pups play in our big yard chasing balls, squirrels and each other!

We accept all dogs that are not dog aggressive. We work with intact males, females, fearful and hyperactive pets. We work with each dog free of charge to help them learn how to play properly and build their confidence levels.

Day Academy Program

At Can Do It we offer Day Academy for owners who don't have time to exercise and train their dogs.  Your pet gets to play in daycare all day AND get training sessions throughout the day!

This is a specialized program that will take your untrained dog thru 8 day academy days where they will learn all 10 items needed to pass a Canine Good Citizen Test. If your pet is not ready or able to pass a test with you handling them after 8 sessions we give you additional days FREE of Charge!

After each day your pet will come home mentally and physically exhausted and you will be given a video and a report card with notes and how to follow through and work with your pet at home.

After 8 sessions you get one 2 hour training private lesson and tested on your new found handling skills as well as your dogs to complete an AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Since we know you are busy we offer FREE pick up and drop off for day academy members.

What our customers are saying...

Marley's Daycare Day

Marley was well cared for and had a fun time playing with her new friends at Katie's house for the day. We feel comfortable leaving Marley with her because Marley got along really well with her dogs and seem to have the same drive. Marley got plenty of exercise and rest time as well. Katie sent pictures of Marley a few times throughout the day to assure me that she was doing well. Marley can't wait for her next play day at Katie's. Thank you much for taking such good care of her.

Pepper's Daycare Day

Doggy Day Care at Katie's house has been fantastic. Pepper loves to play with her dogs. There is an excellent balance between play and rest times.

Finn's Daycare Day

Katie is amazing! She is so professional. She was very informative and helpful from the very start. She knows exactly what Finn needs. During his stay she kept us updated with many pix of our happy boy playing with his new friends. Finn came home happy and pooped. I trust Katie with him and I'm excited to get him enrolled in daycare with her.