Can Do It is a small family run company that empathizes all the work they do to make sure dogs feel nurtured, confident and happy. The owner of Can Do It, Kate Witas, specializes in rehabilitating fear aggressive dogs, solving extreme anxiety disorders, and helping dog to dog aggressive pets learn how grand it is to socialize.

Kate is an animal behavior analyst and an American Kennel Club Evaluator and Trainer for Canine Good Citizens. She is also working on advancing her skills at Top Tier K9 to be a certified service dog trainer.

Let our experience and knowledge help your pet with our specialized services!


Specialized Doggy Daycare

Does your dog need more exercise? Maybe some socialization in their lives? A tired dog is ALWAYS a happy and better-trained dog!

Most doggy daycares have an overwhelming number of dogs and too small of a space which causes anxiety and stress.Which also limits the amount of one on one time a dog gets.

We are a home-based daycare that has a strict daily routine that gives dogs lots of exercises, mental stimulation and relaxation time.

We work on household manners, like not jumping, no counter surfing, no roughhousing indoors, sits and coming when called. During playtime we are full on play! The pups play in our big yard chasing balls, squirrels and each other!

We accept all dogs that are not dog aggressive. We work with intact males, females, fearful and hyperactive pets. We work with each dog free of charge to help them learn how to play properly and build their confidence levels.

Walking and Adventure Hikes

Not currently accepting requests for Adventure Hikes at this time. Check back later by clicking here..

Our basic walk is 30 minutes of one on one time with your pets. During that time we spend time indoors and our walking distance is typically 1 mile.

We also have Adventure Hikes where your pet is picked up and shuttled to a forest preserve for a 2-3 hour long hike. This is great for dogs who need more exercise but are not suitable for our doggy daycare.  

Free of charge we always work on loose leash walking, mild heeling and mild reactivity.

Training walks are also available!

Dog Boarding

Included in our boarding program is our doggy daycare, with some extra perks!

We want your pets stay to be as stress-free and relaxing as possible. We do this by spending at least a couple hours a day of time away from the other dogs and relaxing/cuddle time in one of our Guest/Quiet rooms.

Boarding and being away from home can be stressful even in a small home-based location.

We take any and all anxiety away through proper exercise (remember a tired dog is a happy dog!) and lots of one on one time with people.

After 2 nights of boarding all dogs get a FREE going home bath and blow dry!


Not currently accepting requests for Training at this time. Check back later or visit this link to learn more.

Can Do It Pet Care offers a common sense, easy to understand dog training method.

Kate has worked with a wide range of different trainers doing internships and training programs. She has taken bits and pieces of everything and everyone to add to her toolbox of magic tricks! This ensures a customized training program for every dog!

Even though all dogs are different and have their own program she follows a balanced training approach based on EXERCISE, OBEDIENCE, AFFECTION.

Kate feels strongly that all dogs need a job to be happy, social, well-trained dogs. For some pets that job is just taking walks holding a backpack every day, while others it is doing household chores with you or finding their treats/food.

We offer ALL dogs a FREE evaluation to see which of our training programs is the best fit for your dog!

Can Do It Pet Care
where any dog can do it!

We offer non-conventional Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare in a home environment. We offer other seasonal services subject to availability.

We always focus on proper play and socialization. Click here to check availability.

Our in home boarding includes our doggy daycare program and a stress free vacation for your pet!

Our in home daycare balances proper play, socialization and learning household manners.


Our dog walks are 30 minutes long and depending on the weather conditions are about 1 mile.


Our Adventure walks range from 2-3 hours. We go to a local forest preserve and go on long hikes under the cover of trees during the summer!

Not accepting Training Requests at this time. Check back later or visit this link for more info.

We offer many training services from in home to board and trains. We believe in a balanced training approach making a customized training plan for every dog.